TThis October, Deanna and I visited Hilliard, Ohio again to make the rounds of 8 more Hilliard area elementary schools. We had a great time. The 3,710 students all were enthusiastic and prepared. We want to thank the librarians, librarian assistants, and teachers for familiarizing their classes with my books and exciting them about my coming. Thanks also to all the PTO volunteers who helped with preparing lunches and distributing books. And we want to acknowledge the music teachers and art teachers who incorporated my books in their classes.
At Washington Elementary, they had a bulletin board decorated with a large tree and the tree’s leaves were all little pictures of the covers of my many books. I sang my song “Gobble It Up” and a youngster began making a big crocodile mouth with his arms and hands, chomping along to the rhythm of the song. It was so good, I asked the other children to try it!
At Ridgewood Elementary, a different student introduced me before each of my presentations. The music teacher led the classes in singing my Crinkleroot Song. The gym walls were beautifully painted with various wildlife habitats. It was a perfect setting.