This July Deanna and I drove to Arizona to help celebrate the state’s Summer Reading Program. Deanna did most of the driving and as usual, I took notes on the changing landscape 2700 miles to our first library in the Phoenix Area. And after 3 weeks and 21 libraries and 2 talks at the Phoenix Zoo, we had driven 2000 more miles around the beautiful and incredibly varied landscape of Arizona.
 Everyone was wonderful, parents, kids, grandparents, retirees all came out to see me. People from the nearby Navajo and Apache reservations, teachers and librarians all enjoyed the presentations. Tiny mountain towns so pleased we came all the way to see them.
       The 2 presentations at the Phoenix Zoo were special in that they were outdoors in a lovely spot, and on a very busy day at the zoo. I played my guitar extra loud to let passersby know I was about to give a presentation.