Off The Maine Coast

This summer, Deanna and I took a few days to explore off the coast of Maine. It was a very foggy few days. And in the dense fog, we caught glimpses of a 60 foot fin/back whale breeching, and a huge whale shark cruising near the surface.
It was thrilling and somewhat mysterious. In the fog other vessels suddenly appeared and then disappeared, like ghost ships at sea.

    Aboard the small trawler, Laura B, we traveled out beyond the many near shore islands off Christmas Cove to see one island where Puffins nest. These little birds greeted our boat with brief flights before our bow and behind our stern, flapping their wings just inches above the waves. Deanna ran all around the boat trying to photograph them as they settled again buoyantly on the water. I videotaped the Puffin island and the surf, the water and waves, seals lounging on slippery rocks, lighthouses along the way, and as many of the different species of offshore birds as I could. All this, for an upcoming project.

    On the way back to shore the captain stopped to pull up some of his lobster traps and collected the lobsters inside. We ate lobster for lunch and lobster for dinner. It was a perfect way to celebrate our time exploring off the Maine coast.

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